Description of the application

A multi-platform, multi-language and customisable application

  • Developed in Java, Geo-Segregation Analyzer runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X;
  • Ten languages supported: English, French, Spanish, Catalan, German, Italian, Portuguese, Creole, Vietnamese, Chinese;
  • Possibility of changing the graphical user interface (look and feel): Metal, Nimbus, CDE/Motif, Windows, Windows Classic.

Reading and managing the geographic files

  • Reading ESRI Shapefiles (geospatial vector data format);
  • Visualisation of Shapefiles into one or several views;
  • Management of views as Tabs in a Web browser;
  • Possibility of saving a project (a text file with the sat extension) which contains the names of the different views and the names and properties of each layer loaded in each view (location, visibility, etc.).

Forty-three indices implemented in Geo-Segregation Analyzer

  • 19 one-group indices;
  • 13 two-group indices;
  • 8 multigroup indices;
  • Location quotient;
  • Entropy (diversity) measure;
  • Typology of Poulsen et al. (2001, 2002).

Geo-Segregation Analyzer is an open source project licensed under the: